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Tools, Equipment & Supplies

View our Salt Lake City or Boise Product Line Cards for a complete list of products.  Click on the Logos below to access manufacturer sites.


Electrical Tape, Shop Towels, Chamois, Sponge, Rags, Polishing Cloth, Mitts

Shop Towels, Rags, Wipes
Lug Wrenches, Tire Irons, Accessories
Specialty Tools, Hones, Oil Filter Wrenches, Testers, Feeler Gauges, Creepers
Latex Disposable Gloves, Gator Skin Gloves
Mechanic's Work Gloves
Fire Extinguishers
Pair Jack Stand, Service Jack
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Car, Truck and Trailer Parts: Quality selection and competitive pricing.

Expertise and Commitment...

Since 1919, satisfied customers know the experts at Henderson Wheel & Warehouse.

We offer delivery and shipping to our wholesale customers inside the state of Utah.  We also service our wholesale customers with delivery within Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and Colorado.  Give us a call and ask us about our shipping policy at (800)748-5111.

Our store and warehouse in Boise, Idaho delivers to most regions in the Boise area.  For delivery information in this area, please call (800)248-3444.

We accept credit cards from those who do not currently have an account with us.




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